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Google’s Patent Purchase Promotion. Is It Worth It?
Google announced an experiment it says will “remove friction from the patent market and improve the landscape.” The experiment, called the  Patent Purchase Promotion , will run from May 8 through May 22, 2015. In it, the Program offers a way for patent holders to tell Google about...
Important Drug Discoveries in Medicine
Aris Grigoriou of Study Medicine Europe Ltd. has created an infographic that describes several important drug discoveries.
Burlap Flower Wraps Aren’t Protectable Trade Dress–Farmgirl v. Bloom That
Farmgirl sells flowers in San Francisco. It wraps its flower arrangements in recycled coffee burlap sacks. Here is an example I found on their website : Farmgirl spurred competition from Bloom That, which replicated Farmgirl’s use of recycled coffee burlap sacks as wraps for the...
A New Chapter in the Fight for Civil Liberties
This article appeared in EFFector , EFF's almost-weekly newsletter about cutting-edge tech policy issues. Subscribe by entering your email address in the box on the right-hand column of this page. In 1993, EFF founder John Gilmore approached me with an unusual proposition: he asked if I...

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Police Department Refuses To Release Videotape of Police Officer Shooting Elderly Man Out Of...
Controversial speech, the Texas attack, and the murderer’s veto
The unsuccessful attack on an exhibition of Mohammed cartoons in Garland, Texas, near Dallas, is the most recent attempted mass murder on American soil endeavoring to silence expression bothersome to radical Islamists; it is unlikely to be the last. Some thoughts assembled from...
A Very Strange Case Of Road Rage
When you think of road rage, you think about aggressive driving, or maybe even someone pulling a weapon, right? But this? You would not think of this. Ever. Per (New York): Police responded to a road rage incident on Union Road. Reportedly, two motorists were spitting on...
"Marriage plaintiffs in SF"
Bob Egelko of The San Francisco Chronicle has this blog post today.
Spinning Class with the U.S. Attorney General: Fewer Seats, Many Congratulations
Nabbing a seat at the popular Sunday morning spin class at the Crunch gym on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn is a little harder now that regular rider Loretta Lynch has been sworn in as attorney general of the United States.

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