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Webinar on Top Patent Law Stories of 2017
McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff LLP will be offering a live webinar on the "Top Patent Law Stories of 2017" on January 17, 2018 from 10:00 am to 11:15 am (CT). Since 2007, the Patent Docs weblog has presented an annual, end-of-the-year review of the top stories in patent...
Senator Calls on Courts to Increase Transparency of Surveillance Orders
Federal courts must end the excessive secrecy surrounding law enforcement surveillance orders, a U.S. Senator urged in a letter on Friday. This secrecy block’s the public’s ability to fully understand how police conduct this surveillance, the lawmaker wrote. The letter, sent by Sen...
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JIPLP (The weblog of the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice) The JIPLP “is thrilled to announce that Sir Richard Arnold (High Court of England and Wales - Chancery Division) has accepted the invitation to join its Editorial Board .” The 1709 Blog  IPKat stays in...
FISC Assurances on Spying Leave Too Many Questions Unanswered
Last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray faced questions from the House Judiciary Committee about how his department is implementing one of the government’s most powerful surveillance tools. Despite repeated bipartisan requests, Director Wray refused to tell the Members of the...

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Brooklyn Man Claims To Be Green Beret: Can You Spot The Flaw?
Bushrod Washington and West Ford
One controversy that I will explore in my Bushrod Washington books concerns the parentage of West Ford, one of the Justice’s slaves. Some scholars contend that Ford was fathered by a Washington, in part because he was freed by Bushrod and given a large parcel of land at...
Great moments in obscure rock 'n' roll: Small Faces, "Red Balloon," 1969
Before Humble Pie, Steve Marriott rode to fame, especially in Britain (less so in the U.S.), with the Small Faces, though by 1969 their star was fading even in the U.K. This great cover of the Tim Hardin tune comes...
At the Tree Shadow Café...
... please feel free to talk about anything. And consider doing some shopping at Amazon through The Althouse Portal .
D.C.’s childcare credentialism, cont’d
From Jarrett Dieterle and Shoshana Clara Weissmann of R Street Institute in a comment on a Washington, D.C. government rulemaking (see earlier ): Even in a nation overwhelmed by well-intentioned but misguided occupational licensing laws, the District of Columbia’s...

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