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For all Kat readers we are delighted to provide the weekly roundup of IP news, discussions and analysis from around the weblogs devoted to IP. This week’s menu features the unitary patent, venue mandamus , copyright in photography, requisite knowledge and other juicy topics...
Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. v. LABOklin GmbH (E.D. Va. 2018)
By Donald Zuhn -- Earlier this month, in Genetic Veterinary Sciences, Inc. v. LABOklin GmbH, Senior District Judge Henry Coke Morgan, Jr. of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia granted a motion for judgment as a matter of law under Rule 50 of the Federal Rules of Civil...
PTAB Institutes Inter Partes Review of Group Messaging Patent
On May 15, 2018, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (the “PTAB”) instituted two Inter Partes Review (“IPR”) proceedings against U.S. 5,822,523 (the “’523 Patent”).  The ’523 Patent generally relates to group messaging in interactive applications.  The...
Japanese Translation of German Constitutional Court Decision on Nuclear Fuel Tax
This is just a quick link to a Japanese translation of the decision holding the nuclear fuel tax unconstitutional. Buchtext

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“Retirement Plan Blues”
At his “Empirical SCOTUS” blog, Adam Feldman has a post that begins, “It is that time of year again. As we near the end of the Supreme Court term, we are experiencing another round of prognostications on whether Justice Kennedy will retire leaving another vacancy for the Trump...
FAN 191 (First Amendment News) “Robotica” — First Book on Speech Rights & Artificial...
If any current scholarly work of free speech theory survives into the next century, it will undoubtedly be this book. — Martin H. Redish Abstract: As more and more communication becomes robotized and/or is driven by artificial intelligence, a variety of questions arise about...
Tribe's "momentary lapse" not so momentary.
Professor Tribe, you explain your use of violent rhetoric on TV today -- referring to impeachment as a "bullet" which requires that one "shoot to kill" -- as a momentary lapse: "a terrible word choice." You say it's "inexcusable." Why, then, is this also on...
Pizza Delivery – in the Not Too Distant Future
In the not too distant future… “Hey Google, order me a pizza – the usual, but a large this time, and have it delivered.” Google Duplex calls pizza place. Pizza place AI bot answers the phone. The bots talk to each other. Robots make the pizza . Pizza is loaded into an autonomous...
Turmoil at U of Southern California: 200 faculty call on President to step down... the wake of sexual abuse and other scandals. (Do read the letter, it's quite strong.) I saw only two philosophy faculty among the signatories: Janet Levin and Gary Watson. (More law faculty signed, including one with a courtesy appointment...

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