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Sir Robin Jacob calls for System 2 thinking for patent law
Sir Robin at the University of Hong Kong (photo credit: Danny Friedmann)   Earlier this week Sir Robin Jacob delivered a thought-provoking lecture at the University of Hong Kong. The topic? Patents and medicine. Katfriend Dr Danny Friedmann ( IP Dragon ) tells IPKat...
Happy Thanksgiving from Patent Docs
The authors and contributors of Patent Docs wish their readers and families a Happy Thanksgiving. Publication of Patent Docs will resume on November 25th.
European Law Claims to Protect Consumers… By Blocking the Web
Last week the European Parliament passed a new Consumer Protection Regulation [PDF] that allows national consumer authorities to order ISPs, web hosts and domain registries to block or delete websites... all without a court order. The websites targeted are those that allegedly...
The Safest Conversation You'll Have This Holiday
Do your friends and family rope you into providing tech support when you're home for the holidays? Use this opportunity to be a digital security hero and rescue your family from tracking cookies, unencrypted disks, insecure chats, and recycled passwords. Check out EFF’s...

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Ohio Attorneys Could Launch Class Action Suit Over Weyerhaeuser Floor Joists
Ohio attorneys are eyeing “toxic homes” for a potential class action lawsuit. Last year, ABC 6 and other media outlets reported problems with Weyerhaeuser floor joists. Thousands of units across the United States were marked as in need of remediation. A press release issued in July...
CBA Wellness Hosts 14th Annual Wellness Workshop
CBA Wellness hosted its 14 th annual Wellness workshop this past weekend in Winnipeg. The workshop is designed to provide training and resources to lawyer assistance program representatives from across the country. This year, the CBA Wellness Board of Directors decided to expand...
NFL Considering New Rule To Keep Players In The Locker Rooms During The National Anthem
"Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For On Thanksgiving"
Senior U.S. District Judge Richard G. Kopf ( D. Neb. ) has this post at "Simple Justice." The post includes a shout-out to #AppellateTwitters, in a footnote no less.
At the Buttoned-Up Café...
... you don't have to relax. Talk about whatever you want in the comments, and please consider supporting this blog by shopping through The Althouse Amazon Portal .  The sculpture is "Soundsuit" by Nick Cave. Here's a longer view:

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