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EU copyright Public Consultation responses Katseries #2: linking and browsing
As reported by this very blog, yesterday afternoon the Directorate General for Internal Market and Services of the European Commission released its  Report  on the 9,500 responses to the  Public Consultation on the Review of EU...
Stewart Title Guaranty Co. v. Segin Software, LLC (PTAB 2014)
By Michael Borella -- On April 12, 2013, Segin Software sued Stewart Title and several other parties for infringement of U.S. Patent No. 8,165,939. The defendants filed a petition with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office requesting post-grant review of claims 1-10 of the '939 patent under...
Book Review: Origin Mystery Series by A.G. Riddle
This is a series of three books. The Atlantis Gene , The Atlantis Plague , and The Atlantis World . They are science fiction, involving different alien worlds, and deal with climate change only in passing. However, those few climate change references were rather interesting. I learned from...
Colombian Student Faces Prison Charges for Sharing an Academic Article Online
In many parts of the developing world, students face barriers to access academic materials. Libraries are often inadequate, and schools and universities are often unable to pay dues for expensive, specialized databases. For these students, the Internet is a vital tool and resource to...

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Another Botched Exectution: 2 Hours to Die
Joseph Wood was executed in Arizona yesterday. It took two hours to kill him. The execution was not halted, even though he repeatedly gasped and snorted during it. An Associated Press reporter who witnessed the execution saw Wood start gasping... [[ This is a content summary...
Delaware: “Man sues pizzeria for thwarting robbery”
Nigel Sykes, currently serving a 15-year sentence, is suing employees of Seasons Pizza in Newport, Del. who allegedly tackled him as he was robbing the pizzeria at gunpoint. His suit, filed without a lawyer, asks in excess of $260,000, saying employees of the dining establishment...
Backup Tapes Scrutinized As Hunt for Missing IRS Emails Resumes
WASHINGTON—The inspector general for the Internal Revenue Service is reviewing some agency computer backup tapes to find out whether missing emails are still recoverable , Commissioner John Koskinen said at a congressional hearing Wednesday. Mr. Koskinen's...
And You Call Yourself A Park Ranger!
There are bad apples in every profession. Yes, there are even bad park rangers, but probably very few that are this bad. In fact, I’ll bet this guy isn’t even a park ranger! Per The San Francisco Chronicle: Marin County authorities are warning hikers to beware of a man claiming to be a park...
"Progressives learn the hard way that the Constitution is obstructionist"
Online at The Washington Post, Charles Lane has an op-ed that begins, "President Obama's plan to transform the U.S. health-care market is once again in trouble. This time, two Republican-appointed judges on a federal appeals court have invalidated a key portion of the program."

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