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USPTO Issues Post-Alice Abstract Idea Examples
By Michael Borella -- On January 27, the USPTO provided its promised set of examples of patent-eligible and patent-ineligible claims relating to the abstract idea exception to 35 U.S.C. § 101, in light of Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank. These examples are intended to be used in...
Die Herausforderung von Mobbing im Internet
In den fast 25 Jahren, in denen die EFF digitale Rechte verteidigt hat, ist unser Glaube an die Versprechen des Internets nur stärker geworden. Die digitale Welt befreit den Benutzer von vielen Grenzen bezüglich Kommunikation und Kreativität, die in der realen Welt existieren. Aber sie ist...
Digital Consumers Gain Ground at the United Nations
With your support, EFF has helped raise the bar in ongoing discussions about how to better protect users against the abuse of their rights through DRM . Our submission [PDF] to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) at an Expert Group Meeting on Consumer...
The patent profession: visions for the future, problems for the present
The typical successful patent practitioner of the mid-2030s: technically savvy multi- tasking female, working from home ... Visiting a group of patent and trade mark attorneys (but mainly patent folk) the other day for a friendly chat over a sandwich and sushi, I was asked what I thought the...

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The Intracorporate Conspiracy Doctrine and D&O Litigation Incentives
My previous blogposts (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight) discussed the dangers of granting intracorporate conspiracy immunity...
“The pumpkin weighed 8.4 ounces and was ‘squishy.'”
A Florida appeals court has reinstated a jury’s verdict of no liability in the case of a woman who while shopping at Wal-Mart was struck in the back with an 8.4 ounce (that’s ounce, not pound) ornamental pumpkin. According to the court’s footnote 1, the projectile in question was “squishy.”...
Drinking Just Got A Little Easier For New Zealanders Under 18
The Juice does not have a problem with parents letting an older teenager have a drink in their own home. But this New Zealand law goes way, way beyond that, and extends outside of the home. In fact, it’s not clear what the outer limits are. As reported by The Otago Daily Times (New...
"Supreme Court vacancies stir debate over replacements"
Peter Hall will have this article , in which I am quoted, in Thursday's edition of The Morning Call of Allentown, Pennsylvania. Amy Worden of The Philadelphia Inquirer has a news update headlined " Wolf to name two Supreme Court justices ." And The Standard Speaker of Hazleton...
Silk Road Trial Shines Spotlight On Former Drug Dealer
In his six months as a heroin dealer on Silk Road, Michael Duch was making $60,000 to $70,000 a month. He would hide bags of heroin inside moisture-sealed packages designed to ward off drug-sniffing dogs and sell them to almost 3,000 buyers across the U.S.

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