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AIPPI Congress Report 13: The Business of IP: Big Data, Big Issues
I am not "big" - I am just a collocation of large sets of fur How big is your data? If you ever pondered how big is "big" and where the future of Big Data is leading, you are in luck - AusKat Tom Reid ( Accenture ) reports from the Big Data session at the AIPPI World Congress in...
Australian Government Wants to Give Satire The Boot
The National Symbols Officer of Australia recently wrote to Juice Media , producers of Rap News and Honest Government Adverts, suggesting that its “use” of Australia’s coat of arms violated various Australian laws. This threat came despite the fact that Juice Media’s videos are...
Secured Mail Solutions LLC v. Universal Wilde, Inc. (Fed. Cir. 2017)
Patents Directed to Mail Barcodes Found to be Directed to Ineligible Subject Matter By Joseph Herndon -- Secured Mail Solutions LLC appealed from the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California's grant of a motion to dismiss on grounds that the claims of seven asserted...
KRACK Vulnerability: What You Need To Know
This week security researchers announced a newly discovered vulnerability dubbed KRACK , which affects several common security protocols for Wi-Fi, including WPA (Wireless Protected Access) and WPA2. This is a bad vulnerability in that it likely affects billions of devices...

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Great moments in obscure rock 'n' roll: Humble Pie, "The Sad Bag of Shaky Jake," live on Beat Club...
This is from their little-known 1969 album (their second), here performed on Beat Club (that's Peter Frampton on the left, Steve Marriott [the greatest rock vocalist in my book] on the right):
"The Government's Error Can Destroy Your Business: And, thanks to an appeals court ruling...
Law professor Stephen L. Carter has this essay online at Bloomberg View.
At the Lakeshore Café...
... you can talk about whatever you like. And please think of using The Althouse Amazon Portal .
AALS, adjuncts and accreditation
The American Association of Law Schools’ reaction to an American Bar Association proposal to relax accreditation rules on the use of adjunct professors suggests that AALS is all for wider access to justice until that means competition for its own full-time professor constituency [ John McGinnis...
“Don’t Let Strippers In Your House”: Indiana Man Shares Lesson After 16 Guns Are Stolen From...

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